The catalan renewable enegries and energetic efficiency company has sign an agreement of distribution with german companies for which will obtain an income of more than 6€ millions, and will allow it to avoid the emision of 3.600 tons of CO2/year.

Girona, November 18th 2013.- The solar photovoltaic modules manufacturer Tamesol, with new headquarters in Campllong, Girona, starts a new stage as provider of solar panels in Germany with his participation in a project of 3 MW, 12.408 polychristalyne photovoltaic solar panel units of 250W power range.

This is the firts of a total amount of more than 12MW ans five pre-agreed projects to realize during the firsts moths of 2014. On its entrance on the german market, Tamesol has sign a distribution agreement with german companues that have opened the door of the european country with a more than 50MW commitment for an amount of more than 48.000 photovoltaic solar modules agreed, this is the best start of year of the company, which international expansion will give it an income of more than 6€ millions. Also, the start of the project in Germany will allow the company to avoid the emision of a 3.600 tons of CO2/year.

After the whole amount of sales of the company where occupied by Romania and Italy in 2013, Germany joins the list of the countries where Tamesol extends its international distribution grid. The Spanish company keeps tresspassing frontiers and will close the worst year of the economic crisis with the best results up to date since the begining of its activity in 2005.

During 2012, Germany installed more than 7.600MW, a 44% of the european market share. By the data given by EPIA (European Photovoltaic Insutry Asociation) the forecats for this country is expected to have a growth bigger with an acumulation of more than 80.000MW untill 2020.