If you have made the decision and are going to go for it, congratulations! Solar powered roofing systems are not only an excellent way to cut back on energy costs for your home, but they are also an excellent way to do your fair share of cutting back on the human environmental imprint. Not a cheap investment, although solar power panels are about as close to maintenance free as any energy source can be, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make quick and sensible changes to increase their efficiency.

While in the process of either shopping for, installing, or maintaining your solar roofing panels, there are do-it-yourself alterations that you can make to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment and maximizing their ability to work the way they are intended. Using these tips will help you to cut back on your energy costs, recoup your investment quicker, and keep your panels working at their maximum capacity.

Don’t choose by price alone

If you have decided to employ solar panels, you know that they are not a cheap investment. When making a decision about the type, manufacturer, or system to use, don’t make your decision on price alone. When you are looking into making a tens of thousand of dollars decision, don’t be thrown off track finding the cheapest model.

Many new and technologically advanced alternatives and alterations are being manufactured. Instead of going with the status quo, make sure to look around to find the best solar powered roofing system for your location, your needs, and that is within your price range. Taking all things into consideration will up the efficiency of your house. Even if it costs a bit more, the cost savings that you get every month will help you get a quicker return on your investment overall.

Use a solar concentrator

If you want to get the maximum output from your solar panels, then consider using a solar concentrator. A solar concentrator is a device that helps to concentrate the amount of light that falls into a smaller area. The use of large mirrors will help to target better the solar panels and give more concentration to those areas where it can be effectively used to increase your energy output. By using concentrators such as large mirrors, you will increase the efficiency of your roofing system for very little cost.

Ensure that installation is done properly

When using photovoltaic panels, the installation is very important to maximize energy output. It isn’t just about the placement of them on your roof, but also about the way that the panels are angled to catch the maximum amount of light. They must be placed in such a way so that they receive the highest amount of sunlight during specific times of the day and throughout different periods of the year. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, that means that the orientation of your panels should be angled toward the true south. If in the southern hemisphere, they should be facing north. It is also necessary to have them tilted to ensure that they will receive optimal light throughout the day. That includes limiting obstruction from the hours of nine in the morning to three in the afternoon daily.

Cut down any foliage

It is imperative that you ensure that there aren’t any obstructive objects to decrease the efficacy of the panels. Survey your roof and the area around it to ensure that you can cut back on foliage or take out any trees that are causing shade. One of the biggest energy absorption killers can be a misplaced tree that obstructs sunlight throughout the day. Even if it is expensive to remove a tree, the benefit in energy efficiency will outweigh the removal cost.

Limit the temperature that the panels are exposed to

Your photovoltaic panels will be affected by their temperature. As they heat up, their efficiency will drop. When being installed, make sure that your contractor understands that there should be a sufficient amount of space between the solar panels and the roof itself. The heat from the roofing materials, if too close in proximity, will limit the potential of your panels to have the maximum output. There needs to be a consistent amount of air flow to prevent your solar panels from overheating and decreasing their effectiveness.

Keep them clean

It may not be easy to access your roof, but your solar panels are affected by dirt, dust, and debris. A good way to get them working maximally throughout the year, is to ensure that they are cleaned regularly and maintained. They are a pretty maintenance-free product, but putting the extra care into them to keep them clean on the surface, will allow them to output the maximum amount of energy and help to cut back on your monthly energy bills. A quick spray from a hose is probably enough to free any build-up of residue or dirt. Keeping them clean is also another reason why inspecting for foliage is so important. If you have tree leaves or debris falling from foliage around your roof, it can decrease your solar panel's ability to function properly.

If you are going to make an investment into your home for energy efficiency, then make the commitment to do it right. Making sure that you have a contractor who regularly works with solar panels is imperative to having them placed right for maximum efficiency. Taking into consideration other things like keeping them clean and free from obstruction, will ensure that you will get the quickest and best return on your hefty investment. Remember, before you jump right in, investigate all your options and find the best professional to help maximize the potential of the energy they supply.

Getting the assistance of a solar panel contractor like Tamesol is an excellent first step to determining the materials, cost, and cost-effectiveness, of making the commitment to go green with solar panel roofing.