This is a public tender made by the government of the province of San Luis, Argentina, by the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure. About this important work, the Minister of the Environment, Field and Production, Cristian Moleker, emphasized: “This extension shows continuity in the coherence of the concept that is being worked on by the provincial government: balance between progress and environment. Implementing electricity generation from renewable sources speaks volumes about this.”

Installation of first panels

In this second phase an extension of the first phase already in operation (200kwp) is planned, plus a new installation (1200 kwp). The expansion will use a total of 784 tamesol tm-series 255 wp polycrystalline modules and the new installation will use 3,744 320 wp panels, surpassing the installed capacity of 1.4 Mw and reaching 2.4 Mwp in total.

Extension of the pre-existing park.

New installation with more than 3.700 modules

CatWatt, an ISG group company, will be responsible for project engineering, site management, material supplies and commissioning, together with the UTE formed by Lumma (a construction company that has carried out large projects in the province) and Energía San Luis (project promoter), which have been awarded the tender.

For its part, Tamesol, recently integrated into the ISG group, will take care of the supply of its TM-Series panels and other components of the park.

Work is scheduled to commence in September (the first movements of earth have already begun), and the plant is expected to be commissioned towards the end of the year.

This is the second phase of a self-supply project for the province of San Luis, with a forecast of expanding the plant to 50 MWp by the end of 2018 with a total of approximately 150,000 panels.